Griogair is a leading voice for the indigenous language, music and culture of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. His commitment over many years to unearthing the authentic repertoire, performance styles, dialects and stories of his people - the Scottish Gaels, has won him a place amongst the stalwarts of his tradition.

He is primarily known as a traditional Gaelic singer and his award winning voice has seen him collaborate with world renowned artists including film composer Bear McCreary on the soundtrack for the global T.V sensation, Outlander. His work with the multi million album selling Afro Celt Sound System and other notable acts has also seen him become one of the key figures in the contemporary Celtic music scene.

As well as broadening his musical horizons, his work with West African musicians, the Dalai Lama’s Gyuto monks, indigenous American performers and others from all over the world has made him profoundly aware of the global struggle for the survival of all indigenous cultures. 

Griogair is also a multi instrumentalist and is a key figure in the world of bagpiping, being the carrier of a tradition which stretches back generations on both sides of his family. He is also a story teller/historian, and with strong roots in the Gàidhealtachd in both North Argyll and Skye, he is very much an activist, an educator and tradition bearer for his people.

Griogair also writes bàrdachd (Gaelic poetry) rooted in a very old, authentic style which explores both the ancient and the current. The traditional performance style of this material is very similar to rap and in recent years, he has been experimenting with classic Hip Hop production techniques to create his own brand of contemporary Scottish Gaelic music. 

His current project, exploring the fusion of contemporary genres with his own native culture is fast becoming one of the most eagerly awaited releases in Scottish Gaelic music. Griogair expects this work to be completed within the next year.