Griogair Labhruidh is a Pioneering Scottish music producer and performer breaking musical boundaries between traditional and urban genres. 

He is a leading voice and stalwart of Scottish Gaelic tradition with strong cultural roots in both North Argyll and Skye. As a music producer, a natural stage performer, poet/MC and composer he has a natural ability to cross genres. 

His current project fuses alternative Hip Hop encompassing elements of jazz, soul and African music with his own tradition creating a unique blend of truly original and exciting music. 

Having worked with musicians from various traditions worldwide including indigenous American singers and the Dali Lamma's Gyuto monks he has a unique cultural perspective and this features in his music. His deep connection to tradition along with his insatiable passion for history and social justice come out in his seamless rhymes while his masterly crafted beats and samples are reminiscent of classic alternative Hip Hop producers. 

He is one of the most exciting and inspirational musicians to emerge from the new wave of Gaelic music.